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I came up with a presentation three years ago that I thought captured what I do, as far as running a startup, what made me successful and insights into my process, are concerned.

I had the opportunity to present it during The Exec Event in January of this year and my good friend and colleague, Steve Kenniston was able to capture the talk on video.

What I’ve done is break this presentation into chapters that outline each point of my process. In the following videos I’ll share my thoughts on Finding the Right Opportunity, how do build a Team and take them through the “knot hole”, The First 90 Days of running a startup, The Money and its role, The Ecosystem and partnerships and finally, The Acquisition.

I hope you find this series helpful. Please feel free to share you thoughts on this site or by emailing me at Ed@edwalsh.com. I’ll be posting more content on a regular basis so be sure to check back soon!

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Finding the right opportunity, the illusive “good one.” It’s out there, don’t worry.

But how do you go about doing this with only 20% of the data?

You need a framework. In this video I go over what I use as a framework and share stories about what has worked for me in the past.

What are your thoughts? What would you build upon or change?

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In emerging companies product is the first priority. That’s intuitive enough, right? Without product or technology in a startup, you really don’t have much. But your team┬áis a close a second on that priority list. You need good people around you, you need that chemistry to be successful.

In this video I discuss my thoughts on and my experiences in developing a strong team in a startup.

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How to get to an inflection point needs to be a part of everyone’s plan. And most strategies should include what you are going to do with the ecosystem. This involves knowing where you are in market development, understanding the ecosystem and knowing who you can “play” with in the ecosystem.

Thinking about who makes sense for a go-to-market long term for you should be something you do from the beginning. This plays into your tactical and strategic decisions from day-one.

Finding the partner isn’t something you do in 30-days.

I offer my framework for finding the right solution to this crucial component in this video.

I have to start with: Companies are Bought, Not Sold.

And it’s a consolidating industry, so there are only a little over a handful of companies that can buy for hundreds and millions of dollars.

If you are a VC backed company there are two good ways you can go; an outcome for an acquisition for a good multiple or an IPO.

Because there are only a little over a handful of these opportunities to be bought, taking these companies into consideration has to be a part of your strategy. I’m not saying day one you need to decide which one you’ll target, but you need to be thinking about it because it will affect your go-to-market strategy, your product, your packaging, your positioning.

I go into more detail in the video and share a few stories from my own experiences at Avamar and at Storwize.

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